Business Analytics & Intelligence of Human Resources


With more than 25 years of experience in Executive Search with recognized search capabilities, Graham Backer provides Business Analytics & Intelligence (BAI©) of Human Resources to its clients.


In fast growing markets with tremendous competition, we provide competitor’s benchmarking analysis (strengths, weaknesses and market opportunities).


BAI© helps clients to get a better knowledge of competitors offering an in-depth overview of their market in different circumstances such as organic or external growth, market due dilligence etc...


       Reducing time to recruit

       Ensuring business continuity planning of your Human Capital

       Anticipating the lack of skills & crucial needs

       Enhancing team with key business profiles

       Strengthening a pool of future leaders

       Catching key profiles at a strategic moment of their career

       Evaluating Employer Brand


Using BAI© offers a competitive edge by assessing your market regularly. BAI© also gives you updated data, which provides you a powerful BI tool.