We believe in process, work and intuition

Our approach is based on absolute confidentiality and consists of 8 stages that are crucials to the success of each assignment.


After in-depth discussion with the client which allows us to get to know the company, its history, its culture, its values, its human resources and its products/services, Graham Backer produces a document with a precise company profile, a job description, a target market and a precise timescale.



Graham Backer has defined 8 stages to ensure the best quality:



Identification: we identify candidates in the targeted companies with a systematic research during the first and the second week.


Selection: among the target market list, the appropriate candidates are identified and reviewed. Suitable candidates are approached by Graham Backer, directly and confidentially, to check interest and career goals.


Interviews: during the third and the fourth week we start interviews.


Short-list presentation: we select the candidates best suited for the position; organize a short list of at least three candidates with a complete file presenting the candidate's career path, interests and assets as regards the position.


Client’s interviews: Graham Backer manages and books all the meetings with the client and the candidates.


Support: Graham Backer assists both of them during the negotiation and the final rounds, checking references and non-disclosure agreement.


Follow up: we assist the candidate’s signature and maintain a contact during his/her notice period.


Integration: we follow up the successful candidate and his integration during the seven or twelve first months and then once a year. 



We want to be present and efficient at every step

of the search process